Libby Blomfield


Libby Ferrier (Blomfield) was born in Stanthorpe and lived with her parents and two brothers on a wool growing property where she was given a dozen day old chickens for her birthday every year. 

Playing with Marmaduke and Marmalade the twin tabby cats (see Marmalade in the tree in her book Flat Out –Far Out) and assorted horses, poddy lambs and dogs were favourite pastimes. A journal of bird images was kept, and the Red-Rumped Parrot was and still is, Libby’s favourite bird.

Reading and writing was a delight, and the fantasy worlds of the Australian bush and young adventurous lives in English villages fodder for a young mind.

As an Early Childhood teacher, Libby worked for more than 30 years in many schools and kindergartens , in both the city and country. The city fostered the love of hustle and bustle, people watching and coffee. Teaching tertiary students helped to understand young adults, and also to recognise the dozens of ways homework and assignments can get lost.

A year spent teaching at Winton Preschool was followed by work as a Preschool Advisory Teacher based in Longreach and these were very influential years.

Returning to Winton in 2016 to the Outback Writers Festival, Libby saw dinosaur bones and thousands of white monster caravans, whereupon she decided to base the story of Max the caravan-travelling dog firmly in the outback.

Living with husband David  in the Goomburra Valley in the Eastern Darling Downs has given time to slow down from the teaching years and create both a great life back with dogs, birds and cattle, and time to write.